Denim Anthracite 120/2

Maestro collar shirt - Simple round cuffs




  • Denim 100% Cotton 120/2 (double twisted)
  • Maestro Collar
  • Back collar height : 4cm
  • Collar length : 9cm
  • Simple cuffs 1 button
  • Mother of Pearl buttons
  • 8 stitches per centimeter sewing
  • Hidden placket : 4cm
  • Hem gusset

This shirt is entirely made in Italy.


Use your washer at max 40°C with light spinning.

No dryer.

Ironing with with steam and cotton settings.

See our page dedicated to Care.

Delivery & Return

In stock. Delivery in 2 to 4 days.

Delivery and return offered from 200€. 


We only select for you the best fabrics, combining softness and sturdiness. By choosing a minimum yard count of 120/2 (double twisted) for all our collection, we can guaranty the durability of our clothes as well confort through a perfect fit. For each chosen fabric, dozens of tests are made upstream to insure its stability through time.

The totality of the manufacturing steps of this shirt is made in the same workshop, in our Italian partner factory, in Lombardy. This allows us to maintain the same know-how and quality , throughout the whole process, from the fabric cut to the labels sewing.

All of Claude’s shirts are made locally. It means that all the materials that compose it never make more than 400 kilometers between their manufacturing location and our factories. Our shirts therefore manage their ecological impact.


The unique fit of Claude’s shirts comes from a long reflexion towards theenhancing of each and everyone’s silhouette. The assessment of stereotyped shirts on the market led us to study 18 different sizes options, your style and confort being at the center of our approach. You’ll always be able to tie the last button of your shirt whilst having a perfectly fitted shirt on your waist and back.

The buttons of this shirt have been hand sewed « on foot shank ». This method, deeply settled into the Italian tradition, eases the use of each button while reinforcing it. The yarns are sewed forming the shape of a « chicken feet », this method is known as the famous Zampa di Gallina sewing.

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