Claude is created in 2020 with a strong will to commit towards fashion and its consumers.


From a Conviction…

The few years that allowed us to mature our project has brought some certitudes. Among those, our will to go beyond a concept, a brand, and a product. 

Starting a fashion business in 2020 is accepting to enter a sector that overflows with new actors everyday, but is mostly a challenge. 

At the beginning of a new decade, we made the choice to join a dynamic that fights for the renewing of one of the most polluting industries on the planet. To rely on local actors with well-known know-how, imagine and create sustainable products, we have the conviction that today, quality and transparency are shaping the brands of tomorrow.

…Born an Ambition

These values being settled in the heart of our brand, we chose the removable collar as the symbol of our vision. Whilst the concept, almost disappeared, will be modernized to ease its daily use, the production cycle will come back to something more simple, local and traceable. This « game » between eras allows us to « modernize the authentic » whilst respecting our DNA. 

Claude therefore strives to be a part of a renewed fashion market, a French high-end alternative towards a more sustainable consumption.