Brand's symbol conveying the values aligned with our Vision, the removable collar constitutes for us the perfect bridge between authentic and modern.


From a practical invention…

The removable collar was invented during the first half of the XIX century. Hannah Lord Montague, housewife in the New York state notices that it constitutes the most fragile part of the shirt because of its exposition. She decides to unstitch all the collars of her husbands shirts and to add buttonholes to make those collars removables. Quickly noticed, the concept became the reference in ready-to-wear. Not only efficient for maintenance and cleaning, the idea seduces because of its economic aspect : no need to change the whole shirt anymore, as only the most exposed parts are worn out.

At the beginning of the XX century, the outbreak of washing-machines eases the life of many households in the cleaning of their clothes, and put an end to the problems encountered so far. Later, the arrival of the world war II almost called an end to the use of removable collars. Indeed, soldiers needed practical uniforms in huge quantity, manufactured as fast as possible. Therefore, collars were reattached to the shirts. Although a few manufacturers decided to continue this tradition, the concept slowly disappears in the eyes of the consumers, overwhelmed by the outbreak of casualwear in the sixties. The removable collar, disadvantaged by an outdated tying method, therefore can’t reach a prominent place in ready-to-wear anymore.


…To an elegant added-value

In 2020, Claude decides to rely on the consumers desire to come back to a more reasonable industry to relaunch the concept. The bridge between authenticity and modernity is then created : the production of our shirts and collars, using modern tools, has been designed and executed relying on proximity and local know-how. The concept, purely authentic and having known its apogee at the beginning of the last century is modernized to be aligned to the new consumer needs.

Ready to make its comeback, the removable collar offers the choice to the consumer, and gives him the possibility to change his style in a few seconds. Thanks to a simplified tying process, it avoids pitfalls from the past and will elegantly enhance your outfits at the rhythm of your desires.


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